Koh Thai Restaurant
1st Floor, J-Residence,
60 Johnston Road, Wanchai

G/F., 38 Shelley Street, Mid-Levels

G/F &1/F, 57 Wyndham Street, Central

About Us

About Us

Koh Thai raises the bar when it comes to Thai dining in Hong Kong, offering beautiful outdoor views in the heart of the city. A perfect retreat in which to relax while enjoying deliciously authentic Thai food, refreshing cocktails and exquisite hospitality.

Wan Chai

Set in the exclusive J-Senses development, Koh Thai Wanchai raises the bar when it comes to Thai dining in the area. With a huge outdoor terrace and a large open kitchen, guests can watch our professional Thai chefs work their magic, while being looked after by our ever attentive, welcoming staff. Serving stunning Thai food with a wine list to match, this is a true escape in the heart of Wanchai.

Open Hours:

Mon-Thu 11:00 am-11:30 pm
Fri 11:00 am-1:00 am
Sat-Sun 11:00 am-11:30 pm

1st Floor, J-Residence,
60 Johnston Road, Wanchai

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Mid Levels

The widely acknowledged highest restaurant on the world’s longest escalator, our restaurant in Mid-Levels is a true gem for both locals and tourists alike. Split on two levels with a leafy, peaceful roof-garden overlooking the impressive Mosque and gardens, this is the perfect venue to while away your time and relax while enjoying our exquisite Koh Thai food and hospitality.

Open Hours:

Mon-Thu 11:00 am-11:30 pm
Fri 11:00 am-1:00 am
Sat-Sun 11:00 am-11:30 pm

G/F., 38 Shelley Street,
Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

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A La Carte Menu

A La Carte

Tom Kha Gai 椰汁雞湯$75 | $138

Chicken soup, coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass

Tom Yum Kung 冬陰公湯$78 | $148

Spicy shrimp bouillon, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal

Moo Dad Diew 豬肉乾$118

Sundried pork, coriander seeds, homemade sriracha sauce

Toong Thong 炸福袋$118

Minced chicken, prawn, crispy wonton

Thai Buffalo Wings 泰式水牛城辣雞翼$118

Australian chicken wings, Thai herbs, spices

Tod Mun Kung Pla 炸魚餅拌甜辣醬$115

Deep fried prawn or fish cakes, homemade sweet chilli sauce

Poh Piah Sod 泰式米紙卷$108

Choice of Chicken | Prawn (雞|蝦) Rice paper, cucumber, carrot, coriander and sweet Thai basil, homemade sweet chilli sauce

Poh Piah Thai Tod 炸素菜卷$108

Deep fried spring rolls, vegetables, homemade sweet chilli sauce

Satay Gai | Moo 沙爹串燒$118

Choice of Chicken | Pork (雞|豬) Skewers of your choice, homemade peanut sauce

Ruam Mit Koh Thai 什錦拼盤$158 | $198

Choice of 3 | 5 items 可選三|五項 Spring rolls (fresh or deep fried), satay skewers, pandan leaf-wrapped chicken, prawns or fish cakes (鮮春卷|炸春卷|沙爹串燒|班蘭雞|炸蝦餅|炸魚餅)

Gai Hor Bai Toey 班蘭雞$118

Chicken thighs in pandan leaves, lemongrass, sesame soy sauce

Khor Moo Yang 燒豬頸肉$118

Grilled pork neck, our Chef’s secret spicy sauce

Pla Muk Thod Kra Thiem 椒鹽鮮魷$135

Fried squid, chilli, salt

Gai Yang (Half) 泰式燒雞(半隻)$135

Char-grilled chicken, homemade Thai herb sauce

Nuer Yang Kee Mau 秘製燒牛肉$138

8oz beef tenderloin, homemade Thai herb sauce

Phad Priew Wan Gai | Moo | Nuer 酸甜炒肉片$138

Choice of Chicken | Pork | Beef (雞|豬|牛) (Stir-fried meat, vegetables, homemade sweet and sour sauce)

Phad Kraprao Gai | Moo | Nuer | Kung 香草炒鮮肉 $125

Choice of Chicken | Pork | Beef | Prawns (雞|豬|牛|蝦) Chilli, holy basil

Kra Dook Moo Phad Nam Prik Pao 辣椒膏炒豬仔骨$238

Slow-roasted pork ribs, tamarind chilli jam

Gai Phad Med Ma Muang Himmapan 腰果炒雞丁$158

Stir-fried chicken, cashew nuts, chilli, onion, water chestnuts

Nuer Phad Prik Thai Dum 黑胡椒炒牛肉$158

Stir-fried beef strips, mixed bell peppers, broccoli, black peppercorn sauce

Phad Pak Ruam Mit 泰式炒什菜$95

Stir-fried mixed vegetables, oyster sauce

Pak Boong Fai Dang 香蒜炒通菜$95

Stir-fried morning glory, chilli, crispy garlic

Phad Pak Himmapan 腰果豆腐炒什菜$115

Stir-fried mixed vegetables, cashew nuts, bean curd

Phad Kana Pla Kem 咸魚炒芥蘭$115

Stir-fried kale, salted fish

Kung Phad Broccoli 鮮蝦炒西蘭花$135

Stir-fried broccoli, prawns, garlic

Dessert Menu


Mango Sticky Rice 椰汁芒果黑糯米$88

Fresh sliced mango, sweet coconut cream, sticky rice

Ice Gelato 精選意大利雪糕$68

Available flavours: Ginger, Coconut

Warm Chocolate Brownie $78

Served with ginger & caramel sauce and coconut gelato

Tako 泰式椰汁糕$75

Water chestnuts, taro, sweet corn, coconut cream

Mango Cheesecake$88

Fresh mango, cheese cake

Gluay Tod 鮮炸泰國香蕉配椰子雪糕$85

Deep-fried sliced Thai banana, homemade coconut ice cream, Chiang Mai honey syrup

Beverages Menu


Passion Fruit & Citrus Cooler$108

Grey Goose vodka, lime juice, market fresh passion fruit, crushed ice

Coriander & Pineapple Passion$88

Bacardi rum, pineapple, coriander

Siam Cinnamon Tea$98

Chivas Regal scotch, homemade Thai tea, lime, sugar, cinnamon

Thai Ginger Collins & Lemongrass$88

Beefeater gin, ginger, lemongrass, homemade lemon syrup, ginger ale

Lychee Cocktail$98

Thai rum, triple sec, pineapple juice, fresh lemon, dark rum

Thai Mango Mojito & Chili$98

Bacardi rum, Thai chilli, mint, homemade mango purée

Chili-Tini & Mango$98

Grey Goose vodka, homemade mango purée, elderflower, Thai chilli

Passion Fruit Mint Caprioska$108

Bacardi rum, homemade passion fruit syrup, mint, lime, passion fruit

Berry Banana & Cucumber$98

Grey Goose vodka, Chambord, bananas, cucumber, homemade syrup

Siam Passion$88

Bacardi rum, Malibu, passionfruit, coconut

Strawberry Fresca$98

Grey Goose vodka, strawberries, limes, homemade syrup

Bangkok Marry$88

Grey Goose vodka, tomato juice, lemongrass, wasabi


Vodka, lychee, lime

Mango Thai Fizz$98

Homemade mango purée, Champagne, mango liqueur

Asahi , Japan$62

Stella Artois, Belgium$62

Hoegaarden, Belgium$62

Carlsberg, Denmark$62

Singha , Thailand$58

San Miguel, Philippines$58

Corona, Mexico$58

Tsing Tao, China$58

Guinness , Ireland$62

Chang, Thailand$58

Asahi, Japan$58

Heineken, Holland$58

Carlsberg, Denmark$58

Magners Cider, Ireland$62

Lime Soda$42

Water Melon Juice$48

Juices $42

Mango | Pineapple | Cranberry | Grapefruit

Young Coconut$48

San Pellegrino Aqua Panna$50 | $78

Small | Large

Coffee Drinks$38

Soft Drinks $38

Coke|Diet Coke|Sprite|Ginger Ale|Ginger Beer|Tonic Water|Soda

Tropical Blend$68

Coconut, mango and passion fruit blended with fresh pineapple and lime

Paradise Punch$68

Pineapple, orange and cranberry juice with fresh lemon and grenadine

Silky Smoothie$68

Fresh pineapple, mango and strawberry blended with yogurt

Zesty Ginger$68

Bitter lemon mixed with ginger beer and fresh lime

Mango Shake$68

Fresh mango blended with a splash of milk and ice and a squeeze of fresh lime

Lime & Mint Frappe$68

Freshly squeezed lime and fresh mint with ice

Rum Bucket$288

A 330ml bottle of Sang Som Rum served with a bucket of ice and 4 bottles of your choice of Coke, Sprite, Soda or Red Bull – perfect for sharing with friends. You couldn’t get any closer to being in Thailand!

Lunch Sets Menu

Lunch Sets

Includes: 1 Starter + 1 Main + 1 Drink

Tom Yum Kung 冬陰公湯Incl.

Sour & spicy shrimp bouillon with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves & galangal

Som Tum Thai 青木瓜沙律Incl.

Shredded green papaya with a spicy lime dressing

Khor Moo Yang 烤豬頸肉Incl.

Tender slices of marinated grilled pork neck served with a chilli tamarind dressing

Por Pia Sod Jae 鮮春卷Incl.

Rice paper spring rolls stuffed with salad, vegetables & tofu served with a sweet chilli sauce

Khao Phad Tid Koh 泰式咸魚炒飯$108

Fried rice with salted fish, lemongrass, chilli & lime

Gaeng Garee Jae 黃咖喱雜菜飯$108

A mild yellow curry with mixed garden vegetables and served with rice

Phad Priaw Wan Gai 甜酸菠蘿雞飯$128

Stir-fried chicken, pineapple, bell peppers & onion in a sweet & sour sauce served with rice

Phad Thai Goong 鮮蝦炒金邊粉$128

Classic stir-fried noodles with prawns, bean curd & beansprouts

Nuer Phad Prik Thai Dum 黑椒牛肉配飯$148

Stir-fried beef strips, mixed bell peppers, onion, broccoli & black peppercorn sauce, served with rice

Chu Chee Pla Krapong Khao 海鱸配乾紅咖喱汁$148

Seabass, heart of coconut, dry red "Chu Chee" curry sauce

Soda 梳打水Incl.

Thai Iced Tea 冰凍泰式奶茶Incl.

Lemongrass Tea (Hot/Iced) 泰式香茅茶 (熱或凍)Incl.

Tea or Coffee 茶或咖啡Incl.

Our Boats

Our Boats

Koh Thai Junks combines our restaurant’s famous, delicious and authentic Thai cuisine with one of Hong Kong’s iconic activities: junk boating. Don’t miss our new all inclusive 2016 packages, and treat yourself to unlimited water sports, games and on deck massages! Whether your event is a corporate event, team building or a birthday celebration amongst friends, Koh Thai Junks will leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.

Contact Us:

  2668 1468 / 6376 1012


  Michael Li, Events and Marketing Manager

Book Now




All day

Summer Party Boat 2016 Special Offer

Grab the chance to travel on any of our junks to the hidden corners of Hong Kong at just $680 per person on Saturdays and $580 per person on Sundays – you won’t get a better deal anywhere else!
*Offer valid for bookings of 20pax and over




$499 per person (min. 20 pax), including:

  • Valid for day & night cruises
  • Full onsite catering (7 items of choice from the menu provided)
  • Free flow alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Round the clock onsite staff (up to 3 staff members)
  • Boat rental

$3,000 per month over 12 months, including:

  • 3 midweek junks
  • 3 weekend junks
  • Unlimited water activities (banana boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, X-treme body surfing)
  • Access to a special rate of $280 per person for our Thai buffet and drinks package
  • Boat rental


Ben Chandler

Great day - thanks for all your help. 

Ben Piper

Hi Michael
Thanks for organising our junk trip on Saturday.
It was great fun and well organised.
Please also say thank you to Fred and the drivers!
Thank you 

Andreas Rosboch

Hi Michael.
The food was excellent and much appreciated by all. Thanks very much!

池間 正志

Hello Michael
Yestaday Everybody very happy!!
Good bout trip
Thank you so much!!!

Charliah Best

Dear Michael - 
Thank you again for everything yesterday. As expected, your staff (Chris & Lika) were highly professional by making my friends feel incredibly comfortable and without need of any food or water. The owners of the boat were also equally as professional and entertained my guests too! The food was phenomenal and just as tasty as if we were eating at one of the Koh Thai restaurants. 

Again, I will always recommend Koh Thai to my friends as one of the best junk boat companies in Hong Kong. Thank you and have a lovely week! 

yoonjung lee

Hi Michael 
Thanks to your arrangement, we spent a lovely sunday on your junk. Most of food was excellent and your staffs were very helpful and friendly. Everyone said it was great! 
Just one thing... I realize why you did not include spring rolls and pad thai in the junk menu. It was not ideal food to be reheated. I will listen to you next time;) 
I will definitely leave feedback on your Facebook. 
Thank you so much. 

Kind regards,

Steven Rambousek

Hi Michael
Thanks for a great junk, we had a really good time and the catering was excellent!

Teasdale, Cassandra

Hi Mike
I wanted to write a personal note to say thank you to you, and the team for a truly memorable day on Koh Thai’s junk (Sat 9th July). From the preparation, and you patiently answering all my questions via email phone to the execution on the day I couldn’t’ have asked for a better experience.
Brad, Michael and the third gentleman (apologies, I do not recall his name) were absolutely amazing. All my friends commented how great they were and mentioned how they were the best junk hosts we’ve ever had the pleasure of junking with.
The team were amazing at; taking care of blowing up all our inflatable devices, preparing lunch, ensuring we were all well fed and hydrated and then helping us get ready to disembark. 
The boat driver was also awesome, he took us to a great spot and was very active and funny in helping us get into the water, and with a drink, as quickly as possible! He had a great smile J
Particular mention should go to Brad and Michael for their care, concern and professionalism in dealing with our passenger who had to alight early and seek medical attention. In conjunction with your help and communications the process went very smoothly and we felt very relaxed in knowing that it was being managed. Brad and Michael made sure the ambulance was coming and insight before leaving the passenger, something which we appreciated and put us all at ease.
Overall it was one of the best days I have had in Hong Kong and I will not only rebook the boat/team, but I will actively recommend you to my friends.
Many thanks and have a great day!


Hi Michael,
This is a very late email to say a huge thank you for the wonderful customer service we received on our junk. The staff were so welcoming, polite and attentive. Please pass on our praises.

Many Thanks,


Morning Micheal  , 
Just wanted to  say  BIG THANK YOU once  again  for your arrangement, foods, drinks ,  crews and gas stove  in which  all of  us  were  have too much  great time. 
I'd highly recommend your company  to all  friends and family  and  my  company  . 
Best Regards

emily towe

Hi Michael,
Can't tell you enough how much everyone enjoyed the junk and the service. You will have many referrals and requests for Fred and the crew. 

Charliah Best

Hi Michael
A quick message to say thank you for all your hard work organizing the junk trip for me and my friends this past Sunday. We had such a blast! The captain and crew were absolutely delightful, as well as the staff being highly professional and accommodating to my friends' every need. The food was also well prepared and very tasty. I will highly recommend Koh Thai Junks to all of my friends in the future. 

As a mater of fact, my friends enjoyed themselves so much, they are organizing another junk during the month of August. I've attached my friend, Molly, to this email, so that she will be in touch directly with you. I believe they prefer the same captain and skipper. :) 
Thank you again and I wish you an easy Tuesday! 

Ms. Charliah Best, Director
Best Music Academy, Ltd.


Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your crew. Everyone said it was the best junk food they have ever had and a few people I think want to make future bookings
The staff on board were so helpful and accommodating.
We had a really fun day and look forward to booking all our future junks with you.
Best regards,

Katie Keenan

Hi Michael
Thank you for a brilliant day. Everyone enjoyed the junk very much indeed and we had perfect weather for it too.
The food was outstanding and piping hot. The staff did very well indeed.
Thanks again and I will definitely recommend Koh Thai for future junks.
Warm wishes

Mike Waldsmith

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed the junk boat experience on Saturday.  Much of that was due to Fred and the rest of the stuff. They were wonderfully warm hosts, attentive, and fun! They took amazing care of us and helped find us some great spots to relax and enjoy the beach/water. Please pass along our thanks to an amazing job well done. The food was also excellent, everyone had great things to say about the whole experience. I would definitely use Koh Thai for my next junk boat and would recommend to my friends as well.

Thanks again,

Jeanette Vallance

Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for everything last night. It was perfect.
Everyone had a great time.


Book Your Junk Trip

7 STEPS to Book Your Junk Boat cruise...

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Select boat:


Fibreglass hong kong pleasure junk - 28 pax, 3 decks, aft communal lounge deck, top sun-deck and sight-seeing foredeck. facilities: fresh water shower, microwave, air-conditioned cabin, toilet, row-boat, floating recreational tubes, ipod compatible.


Large all-teak Chinese junk, 28 pax, shower, toilet, large communal aft-deck, ipod compatible, microwave.


Includes approx 3.5 hours of wakeboarding, waterskiing or banana boating ($3800)


$2,500 rental price with $4,000 refundable deposit required to pay (please add note that it will be refunded after a damage check 3 days afterwards)

Pictures are for references only


Fibreglass hong kong pleasure junk - 3 decks, aft communal lounge deck, top sun-deck and sight-seeing foredeck. facilities: fresh water shower, microwave, air-conditioned cabin, toilet, row-boat, floating recreational tubes, ipod compatible.


Large all-teak Chinese junk, shower, toilet, large communal aft-deck, ipod compatible, microwave.


For larger groups, spacious decks, great for catering (2 kayaks, snorkeling gear, fishing rods all included).


Modern luxury cruiser - 82 feet, opulent centre deck, large communal cabin on central deck comprising fore lounge with leather sofas and aft dining area. bar area, music system.


Includes approx 3.5 hours of wakeboarding, waterskiing or banana boating ($3800)


$2,500 rental price with $4,000 refundable deposit required to pay (please add note that it will be refunded after a damage check 3 days afterwards)

Pictures are for references only

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Choose 7 of the following:
(Fruit platter, Brownies, Steamed rice included)

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Western Canapes
Thai Option

Choice of 3 meats & 4 others
(Fruit platter & brownies included)


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Daiquiri : 0


Coconut : 0


Margarita : 0



Terms & Conditions

Payment terms

50% of total package to be paid upon booking.

Can be paid by cash or credit card in any of our restaurants.

- Mosque Street, Mid Levels, by Central-Mid-Levels escalator

- 18 Ship Street, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai

By bank transfer to our Standard Chartered account in the name of Koh Thai Catering Limited, account number 36800989135

Balance to be paid minimum 48 hours before trip.

No cash payments will be accepted at the pier.

Customer cancellations

If you choose to cancel the junk more than 7 days before the trip then we will give you a full refund or, if you prefer, a postponement until a later date.

If you choose to cancel your trip within 7 days of your trip, you will forfeit 50% of the value of your package.

If you choose to cancel your trip within 48 hours of your trip, there will be no refund given.

Severe weather cancellation policy

- Typhoon #3

- Typhoon #8

- Red rainstorm warning

- Black rainstorm warning

In the even of the above signals being issued by the Hong Kong Observatory and in force at 7am on the day of your trip, then the trip will be cancelled and a full refund will be given, or, if you prefer, a postponement until a later date.

If the boat has already departed and at any time during the trip one of the 4 previously-mentioned weather signals is hoisted, due to safety and insurance reasons the captain will have to head back to a typhoon shelter immediately. No refund will be given in these circumstances.


No drugs allowed on board

No dogs allowed without prior checking with Koh Thai Junks

Tick box, I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions above





Total Amount : HK$ 0


News & Promotions



Valentine's Menu

5-Course Dinner for 2 people

Tom Yum Kung
Spicy shrimp bouillon

Rice paper spring rolls

Giant prawns, heart of coconut, dry red “Chu Chee” curry sauce

Grilled whole seabass, banana leaf, garlic, chilli, Thai basil

Served with rice and roti

Mango Sticky Rice

A glass of sparkling wine

$348 per head



Chope Chooseday

Enjoy 2 for 1 deal on all mains every Tuesday night when you book and dine through Chope for dinner.



Set Lunch Chop Card

Get your stomach ready for our scrumptious set lunch starting from $108. Bring along our chop card - once 10 stamps are collected, you can redeem $100 off your total bill.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour Deal

After a chaotic day at work, spoil yourself with our happy hour deal with 50% off our drinks and 25% off all a la carte dishes from 3pm-7pm.



Super Mondays

Get prepared to love Monday! Present your SUPER Mondays card and enjoy 2 for 1 on our main courses. A jovial dinner amongst friends and a light bill is the perfect combo to kick-start your week!

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